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Condenser Cleaners

Condenser Cleaners

Air cooled condensers operate at a high temperature and the air entering them is rarely, if ever, filtered. They are often exposed to extremes of environmental conditions eg. in coastal areas, aluminium finned condensers particularly, are subject to corrosion by the saline atmosphere.

The dirt that accumulates on these coils comes from airborne particles, insects, leaves etc. which in conjunction with the high temperature of the coil can become “baked” on and prove very difficult to remove if not maintained on a regular basis.

  • EnviroCoil Universal Coil Cleaner 5L

    EnviroCoil Universal Coil Cleaner Safe to use – indoors or outdoors Biodegradable, environmentally friendly Improves energy efficiency EnviroCoil® is an effective detergent-based cleaner for air conditioning coils. Its mild formulation makes it...

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    £36.62 (Ex. VAT)
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    HVAC Home AC, Heat Pump Cleaning Kit

    AC-OK HVAC Cleaning Kit For the safe cleaning of your home AC or Heat Pump system. This kit contains the cleaners necessary for one annual clean - both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Also included is an air fresher for the indoor unit and a...

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    Was: £36.04
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  • HydroCoil 1L, Alkaline Evaporator Indoor Cleaner for AC Systems

    HydroCoil 1L Alkaline Evaporator Cleaner Cleans even the dirtiest evaporator coils Eliminates slime from condensate trays Safe for use with condensate pumps Dirt building up on your evaporator will form a barrier to heat transfer – effectively insulating...

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  • RTU Condenser Cleaner, Outdoor AC Cleaner, Aircon Cleaner, fan

    Ready to Use Condenser Cleaner, 1 Litre Hand Sprayer RTU Condenser Cleaner is ideal for application as part of a regular maintenance programme. Highly effective at removing all common types of dirt and debris, it also has a biodegradable formula that is...

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  • SuperClean 1 Litre

    SuperClean 1 Litre

    Heavy duty condenser cleaner SuperClean™ is quite simply the strongest coil cleaner on the market. Unique in its formulation, it brings all of the benefits of a heavy duty acid cleaner but is considerably safer to use. Highly concentrated and...

    £13.50 (Inc. VAT)
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  • VerteX 5L

    VerteX 5L

    VerteX Neutral pH 7.6 cleaner for Condensers and Evaporators Adaptive cleaner which will clean any type of dirt Quickly removes grease, fats and organic matter and also removes rust, scales and inorganic salts Non corrosive – Neutral pH 7.6 Ideal...

    £53.95 (Inc. VAT)
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